Korta avbrott innan vi fortsätter

Scenkonst Kraus (2019)

“Korta avbrott innan vi fortsätter” is a tragicomic and absurd work that goes between text and movement where we explore “diagnosis of society”.
  A place where everything and everyone should be diagnosed, categorized and where all finally become deviations from the norm. In our work, the want to emphasize the importance of abstract values, question the concepts of normality and psychiatry’s power in defining normality. We explore where the boundaries go between reality and fiction, and the roles we carry, how does one get free the role and how do we realize the roles, masks we are assigned / carry. What is madness? The work takes inspiration from texts by Oliver Sacks and Karin Johannisson.

Choreographer / Director: Julia Kraus Dybeck
In collaboration with the dancers: Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, Kristiina Viiala, Emelie Wahlman, Julia Kraus Dybeck
Sound design and composer: Tanya Byrne
Dramaturg: Mattias Andersson