Giselle Revisited

Giselle revisited (2016) is a love and reconciliation act for all those who have ever rebelled or will ever do so. For anyone who dared, for anyone who survived, for anyone who dreams. Giselle revisited is for them. In Giselle revisited documentary material is set against the iconic classic ballet Giselle’s choreography and dramaturgy.

A story about growing up, making choices and creating change.

Idea and concept: Aurelia Le Huche and Anne Jonsson

Director: Anne Jonsson

Documentary history & performer: Aurelia Le Huche

Sound and Composer: Tanya Byrne

Dramaturg: Tova Gerge

Producer: Linnea Hansander

Scene design story: Erika Sjödin

Photographer: Jonas Jörneberg

Poster: Leo Park