Irakisk Kristus

“In a space between memory and fantasy, in a brutal depiction of a crude reality, we move between Iraq and Finland with stories where the surreal and absurd are also completely realistic. “DOGS walk around in the dark. They bark anxiously, grinning, fight each other, licking each other in the ass, trying to fuck each other, aim for each other’s throat. 
It’s something like life. “

dramatization LUCAS SVENSSON
choreographer OSSI NISKALA
tango music PELLE OSSLER
sound design / music composer TANYA BYRNE
construction KAJ PRIMUS
Scene Technician JACOB WILLÉN
art directorJAN LARSSON
poster photo MATS BÄKER
text coach EVA FEUER
director assistant / production manager AGNES NORLIN
theater manager SOPHIA ARTIN
with support from


(Beckmans, 2019)

It is an uncomfortable feeling, not being able to get through to another person. Now that a great deal of our communication takes place digitally, via text messages, misunderstandings are often caused by misinterpreted emojis or ambiguous wordings. 
This is a short film about two individuals having trouble communicating and connecting with each other. Through dance and graphics, their conversation is visualised.

Written & Directed by: Susanna Lycke
Director of Photography: Malin Gutke
Dancers & Choreography by: Filippa Fahlin, Olivia Löfvander Stribeck
Hair Stylist: Sofia Geideby
Make-up Artist: Josephine Golan
Gaffer: Fredrik Nordesjö
Production Assistant: Izabel Lind Färnstrand
Original Soundtrack by: Tanya Byrne
Colorist: Sabina Törnberg
Editing: Susanna Lycke
Art Direction & Animation: Susanna Lycke
Producer: Susanna Lycke


Scenkonst Kraus (2019)

Eight-week long Workshop and study that resulted in a Perfomance/dance piece at Ballet Akademin in Stockholm spring 2019.

Korta avbrott innan vi fortsätter

Scenkonst Kraus (2019)

“Korta avbrott innan vi fortsätter” is a tragicomic and absurd work that goes between text and movement where we explore “diagnosis of society”.
  A place where everything and everyone should be diagnosed, categorized and where all finally become deviations from the norm. In our work, the want to emphasize the importance of abstract values, question the concepts of normality and psychiatry’s power in defining normality. We explore where the boundaries go between reality and fiction, and the roles we carry, how does one get free the role and how do we realize the roles, masks we are assigned / carry. What is madness? The work takes inspiration from texts by Oliver Sacks and Karin Johannisson.

Choreographer / Director: Julia Kraus Dybeck
In collaboration with the dancers: Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, Kristiina Viiala, Emelie Wahlman, Julia Kraus Dybeck
Sound design and composer: Tanya Byrne
Dramaturg: Mattias Andersson


(UngaTur// TurTeatern 2018)

In BETWEEN we meet Ana, who recently lost a friend. The audience, together with Ana, will travel into the basic issues of man’s own existence in relation to time, space and sorrow.

Ursprungsidé och koncept: Anne Jonsson och Moa Backman
Regi: Anne Jonsson
Dramatiker och dramaturg: Emma Palmkvist
Medskapare och aktör: Lisen Rosell
Ljuddesign,video och kompositör: Tanya Byrne
Ljus och teknik: Olle Axén
Körteknik: Sanna Adibzadeh och Freja Forsström
Producent: Siri Nyke
Kommunikatör: Carolina Oscarsson
Produktionspraktikant: Julie Finnved Grafisk design: Lisa Dalenius
Konstnärlig ledning UngaTur: Aurelia Le Huche

Fem fåglar

(StDh 2018)

Dramatiker: Hanna Nygren
Regi: Johan Paus
Scenografi: Julia Herskovits
Kostym: Liv Pettersson
Mask: Frida Ottosson
Ljus: Emily Lavebäck
Ljuddesign och kompositör: Tanya Byrne
Teaterteknik: Rikard Norén
Producent: Gustav Åvik
Skådespelare: Nora Ericsson, Martin Preisler, Jacob Danielsson, Matilda Bördin, Amed Bozan

Den håriga apan

(Teater Tribunalen 2018)

By: Eugene O’Neill

Translation: Håkan Lindhé

Director: Malin Stenberg

Dramaturg: Magnus Lindman

With: Anna-Lena Efverman

Sofia Berg-Böhm

Henrik Dahl

Vincent Grahl

Scenography: Zofi Lagerman

Costume: Ulrika van Gelder Mask: Anna Olofson

Sound and Composer : Tanya Byrne

Light: Carl Kristiansson

Motion instructor: Adriana Savin Stage

Theater Technician: Magnus Lindberg

Poster image: Gergana Petrova

Performance photo: Anne Hellandsjö

Layout: Henrik Dahl

Publisher: Nordiska Strakosch Teaterförlaget Aps

Producer: Hanna Melanton Appelfeldt

Production assistant: Anne Hellandsjö

Artistic director: Henrik Dahl

Giselle Revisited

Giselle revisited (2016) is a love and reconciliation act for all those who have ever rebelled or will ever do so. For anyone who dared, for anyone who survived, for anyone who dreams. Giselle revisited is for them. In Giselle revisited documentary material is set against the iconic classic ballet Giselle’s choreography and dramaturgy.

A story about growing up, making choices and creating change.

Idea and concept: Aurelia Le Huche and Anne Jonsson

Director: Anne Jonsson

Documentary history & performer: Aurelia Le Huche

Sound and Composer: Tanya Byrne

Dramaturg: Tova Gerge

Producer: Linnea Hansander

Scene design story: Erika Sjödin

Photographer: Jonas Jörneberg

Poster: Leo Park

Den Gula Tapeten

PUMA Scenkonst 2013

Den Gula Tapeten – an ambulatory film and theater installation about freedom, body and room.

Through Charlotte’s diary entries, her life is depicted for a time when she is kept trapped and isolated in her room by her husband and also doctors to get rid of her “nervous disorders”. In her solitude, she develops a neurosis around the room’s patterned wallpaper, which occupies more and more of her time and energy. The work is made up of two parts, the first of which consists of a film installation and the other of a theater monologue. The audience gets to share Charlotte’s disintegrating reality where the spatial boundaries between actor and spectator are blurred. On the walls, the patterned wallpaper plays with itself and moves us to suggestive thoughts.   The short story “The yellow wallpaper” worked when it was published in 1892 as a criticism of the marriage as an institution and against women’s limited opportunities for independence and interpretation. Even today, the story problematises gender power relationships both in the home environment and in public. “… the need to codify the subordination of a woman in biological terms intensified the moment she began to demand greater freedom. The female body became a house that had to be opened, a focal point for a threatened order. Embedded in cells, structures and fluids rested the female’s limitation. By presenting the woman who is guided by her abdomen and sex-specific, fragile nervous and soul systems, it became possible to present her as inappropriate for the public arena. ”From The Dark Continent by Karin Johannisson

The performance was played in 2013 at Färgfabriken, Uppsala Stadsteater , Blå huset in Tensta and Teater Tre.

Subsequent workshops were held on three occasions for high school youth.   With the support of Stockholm City, Stockholm County Council and the Arts Council.

Based on a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

On stage – Elin Skärstrand

Scenography – Erika Sjödin

Music – Simon Steensland

Movie – Aurelia Le Huche and Tanya Byrne

Cinematography – Tanya Byrne

Projections & Graphic Design – Tanya Byrne

Press photos – Tanya Byrne

Director – Vendela Carlberg Larsson

Producer – Emilie Löfgren

Tanya Byrne. 2022